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An innovation hub for the woolgrowers of Australia

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Bestprac was an Australian Wool Innovation program that provided support for pastoral producers to improve their business and production performance.

Bestprac operated in the pastoral zones of Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia. The pastoral zone of Australia is vast and there are significant differences in farming systems, access to services, native and pest species, enterprise types and business structures. Although there are these differences, Bestprac demonstrated that all pastoral businesses have techniques, systems or innovations that can be shared across state borders to assist others to improve their skills and knowledge.

The Bestprac Case Study Series and Innovations showcased rangeland producers who were trying something new, unique and interesting in their business. Each case study was designed to provide tools and information producers may need to consider applying the new approach, way of thinking, technology or process to their own business.

These case studies looked at what drove the innovation, how it was implemented, the results that have been seen and enjoyed, lessons learnt and how it could be adapted and implemented by rangelands producers around the country.

The resources here are the Bestprac legacy. The content was reviewed in 2021 to ensure its technical accuracy but has not been revised since their publication in 2014.

Bestprac Innovation Manual

Business Planning Case Studies & Innovations

Genetics Case Studies & Innovations

Climate Case Studies & Innovations

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Pasture & Nutrition Case Studies & Innovations

Pest Animals Case Studies & Innovations

Regenerative Agriculture Case Studies & Innovations

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Photo courtesy of Bokhara Plains

Reproduction Case Studies & Innovations

Shearing Sheds & Sheep Yards Case Studies & Innovations

Stockmanship Case Studies & Innovations

Water Case Studies & Innovations

Agritechnology Case Studies & Innovations

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