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25.05.2023 Source: AWEX
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New Flystrike Webinar To Help Growers With A Practical And Timely Guide

Australian Wool Innovation is running a new webinar called ‘It’s Fly Time!’ to assist growers in managing high-risk fly conditions, with tips for preventing flystrike, prioritising sheep for monitoring and treatment and options for when it does occur. There are also handy factsheets for further information and links.

Respected veterinarian and sheep consultant, Dr Tim Gole will run the one-hour webinar on Friday, 29 January at 1:00 pm AEDST.

AWI’s General Manager of Research Dr Jane Littlejohn says the webinar is timely and important.

“Due to ongoing summer rains across many of Australia’s sheep regions, growers are experiencing a tough fly season. It is the worst season in many areas in at least five years.

“This is a practical guide to flystrike prevention, monitoring and treatment all play key roles in flystrike management.”

Dr Littlejohn emphasised proactive management of the problem is important for sheep welfare.

“Flystrike remains a priority research investment area for AWI on behalf of Australian woolgrowers. AWI runs regular seminars, invests in ParaBoss and has online ‘how to guides’ for growers but the time is right to watch the webinar and deal with the problem.

“Can’t make the live webinar? Register now and we will send you a link to the recording directly to your email.

“For further information and long-term strategies for flystrike management in your flock, visit the AWI website at and FlyBoss at”

Register now for the webinar at

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