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An innovation hub for the woolgrowers of Australia

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08.06.2023 Source: AWEX
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Product Innovation

AWI's technical team, via The Woolmark Company, works hard to develop new product ranges based on newly developed process launched globally, in collaboration with supply chain partners, brands and marketing teams. 

Leading global brands in both the fashion, sports and interiors markets continue to have a growing hunger for new products made from wool to offer consumers. Likewise, the manufacturing supply chain is keen to innovate products and adopt processes that add profit, value and point of difference to their organisations.

We will continue to partner with key areas of the supply chain to innovate new yarns, textiles, garments, products and processes. These will be specific to technical textiles, tailored textiles and non-apparel products for adoption by fashion, athleisure, sports and footwear markets, as well as the automotive and interiors industries.

These are the latest commercial developments made with Australian wool.

Wind and water-resistant wool

Using the latest OptimTM spinning techniques, that is ideal for outer The Woolmark Company, in partnership with The Nanshan Group, have created a 100% Australian Merino wool fabric that is resistant to both wind and rain.

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Wool shoes

New knitting technologies have led to the rise of wool footwear, including high-performance sneakers constructed in a way that aids performance and enjoys wool's natural benefits.

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Australian Merino wool is a naturally sustainable super-fibre that helps protect against odour, is incredibly strong, yet is light enough to be worn during all of your workouts and has beautiful hand feel and texture.

Wool denim

Recent production developments including the use of machine washable wool yarns have led to more cost-effective ways to produce Wool Denim, with consumers benefitting from the fibre’s natural attributes.

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World’s lightest performance T-shirt

Utilising the natural properties of Merino wool, the Rhythm T-shirt by Black Diamond is the world’s lightest technical performance Merino wool T-shirt, weighing just 95gsm.

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Lightweight wool terry

This sweater pioneers as one of the only true 100% Merino wool jersey sweatshirts available on the market, knitted in innovative terry loop wool jersey.

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