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An innovation hub for the woolgrowers of Australia

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08.06.2023 Source: AWEX
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The health and productivity of wool sheep is crucial to the Australian wool industry.

We invest in on-farm research and development to deliver new knowledge to woolgrowers and support the adoption of innovation to increase the profitability and sustainability of growing wool. Since 2001, AWI has invested more than AU$74.5 million into research and development that focuses on the health and welfare of the Australian flock. Partnering with universities, industry bodies, government departments and research institutions we develop scientifically-based and proven management practices and innovations for woolgrowers to adopt.

In this section
Health and Welfare
We invest in the development of new technologies and information to support woolgrowers in their adoption of best practice management to improve the health and welfare of their wool sheep.
We invest in innovative management tools and guidelines for woolgrowers to increase reproduction productivity and to promote best practise management.
We invest in sheep breeding research and development, benchmarking and all breeder tools for woolgrowers wanting to monitor, set targets and optimise the rate of genetic gain of their sheep.
Technology is rapidly changing many areas of agriculture and we work to ensure Australian woolgrowers are on the front foot to take advantage of the latest opportunities.
Pest Animals
We invest in vertebrate pest control including direct assistance to community based vertebrate pest control programs and research and development of new and emerging technologies.
Drought Resources
AWI has a range of drought planning, management and recovery resources available for woolgrowers going into, enduring and recovering from drought.
Latest Publications
The latest sheep health and welfare publications for the wool industry.