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Projects Commissioned

The National Primary Industries Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) Framework aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of primary industries RD&E through collaboration whilst reducing capability gaps, fragmentation of effort and unnecessary duplication.

The annual Wool Industry RD&E Researcher Forum is key to implementing the Wool Industry National RD&E Strategy and achieving the objectives of the National Primary Industries RD&E Framework.

The Forums:

  1. Harness the collective knowledge and experience of the wool industry RD&E community to develop high quality projects that address priorities in the Wool Industry National RD&E Strategy.
  2. Achieve collaboration among providers and funders of wool industry RD&E to reduce capability gaps and ensure projects are both effective and efficient.
  3. Provide an opportunity for all wool industry RD&E stakeholders to collaborate on proposals submitted to the Forum and contribute to the process of developing projects under the Wool Industry RD&E Strategy.

2012 Wool Industry Research Priorities

While the National Wool Industry RD&E Strategy is one of several options for RD&E providers seeking project funding, it does provide the best opportunity for collaboration in both project development and project delivery. Projects recommended under the Strategy carry the endorsement of the National Wool Industry RD&E Working Group.

  • Scientific merit.
  • Benefits to woolgrowers.
  • Building human resource capacity and infrastructure in areas relevant to the Strategy.
  • Opportunities for collaboration on human resources, infrastructure and research governance.
  • Avoiding duplication and enhancing collaboration.

In 2011, research priorities agreed under the Strategy were:

  • Labour efficiency - including remote animal monitoring and management.
  • Lifetime Productivity - selecting and managing Merino ewes to optimise lifetime performance.
  • Parasite adoption - identifying and overcoming the barriers to adoption of parasite research.

Further Information

Submitting proposals under the National Wool RD&E Strategy - information on timelines and processes for submitting project proposals:

National Wool RD&E Strategy Forum report - click to view or download:

Progress of Proposals developed under the National Wool RD&E Strategy - view or download an update on the progress of 2011 proposals developed under the National Wool RD&E Strategy (PDF 227Kb).

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