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AWI workshops

AWI has developed these workshops to help woolgrowers identify key practical actions for their enterprises to implement on-farm to achieve improved productivity. Each one-day workshop is designed to run as a single event, while complementing the other workshops to provide woolgrowers with support for important management decisions:

  • The Picking Performer Ewes workshop is aimed at lifting lifetime performance from commercial self-replacing Merino flocks, by recognising and placing importance on the total lifetime productivity potential and value of their Merino ewes (including fleece, meat and surplus stock). Find out more in this factsheet.
  • The Winning With Weaners workshop is aimed at lifting lifetime performance from their Merino ewes through improved management of their weaners. It assists participants in understanding the key issues affecting weaner survival and performance, and guides them through developing targets for growth. The workshops discuss factors that contribute to weaner mortality and illthrift, and provides practical pathways for improving performance from this group of sheep. Find out more in this factsheet.
  • RAMping Up Repro is a hands-on workshop focussed on improving ram performance and working longevity in commercial sheep enterprises. The workshop is designed increase the skill of producers across the key components of ram performance and impacts on overall breeding enterprise performance, including anatomy, physiology, spermatogenesis, metabolic demands, health, disease and biosecurity and the financial impact of the ram team. Find out more in this factsheet.

These workshops are run on a demand basis through AWI’s State Grower Networks across Australia. To find out about upcoming workshops in your region, contact your State Grower Network.