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The Sheep's Back Western Australia

The Sheep's Back is the AWI-funded grower network for Western Australian woolgrowers.

The project champions the sheep industry and improves the capacity of WA woolgrowers to make better and more timely decisions.  The Sheep's Back aims to:

  1. Be recognized as a leading network that provides timely, independent practical information.
  2. Understand the current issues facing woolgrowers and communicate these to industry stakeholders
  3. Deliver three technologies per annum based upon woolgrower priorities and funders' objectives.

There are currently over 1000 members of this network, and woolgrowers and industry participants are encouraged to join.

The Sheep's Back offers a range of activities and services to members including seminars, field days, workshops, four newsletters per annum, and regular electronic communication via email, SMS and Twitter.

All network activities provide members with timely advice on managing current seasonal conditions, to increase members' confidence in the future of woolgrowing enterprises and their ability to run them in the most modern and productive manner.  It is expected that this will lead to an increase in their average flock size of 10% over three years to June 2014.


The Sheep's Back is managed and coordinated by Icon Agriculture and guided by a Producer Advisory Panel of woolgrowers and industry personnel.

Further Information

The Sheep's Back - to join the network or attend one of the events, visit The Sheep's Back website, or contact Network Coordinator, Andrew Ritchie, on 08 9736 1055 or email Follow The Sheep's Back on Twitter at @sheepsback