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Sheep Connect Tasmania

Sheep Connect Tasmania delivers key information and decision support tools to meet Tasmanian sheep and wool producer priorities through workshops, information sessions and regular producer newsletters and information products.

The network works alongside industry to identify issues and opportunities for information development, exchange and delivery to improve sheep and wool producer skills and knowledge.


The program identifies and delivers key industry tools to help sheep and wool producers meet current and emerging challenges in a timely and relevant manner. Recent examples include Making More from Sheep, Lifetime Ewe Management, Bred Well Fed Well, Liceboss, Wormboss, Flyboss and Ram Select workshops.

As stakeholders in Tasmania's wool and sheepmeat industries, Tasmanian sheep producers and service providers have open access to Sheep Connect Tasmania's services, and the program actively engages young people in the sheep industry.

The program is a joint venture between AWI and the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA).

Further Information

Sheep Connect Tasmania - visit or follow Sheep Connect Tasmania on Twitter at @Sheepconnect for:

  • Hard-copy newsletters - four hard-copy newsletters each year (summer, autumn, winter and spring) focusing on relevant local issues, with a mix of technical information and local producer case studies.
  • E-newsletters and alerts - monthly e-newsletters and emails on workshops, biosecurity alerts, animal health warnings, legislative changes and other relevant sheep industry issues and activities.
  • Workshops - on a range of relevant topics in response to industry feedback and inquiry. Recent workshops include: Safe and Effective Livestock Vaccination, Bred Well Fed Well, Ram Select and AWI Wool Clip.