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BESTWOOL/BESTLAMB is a self-directed learning network for Victorian sheep and wool producers, supported by AWI.  Producer group members decide how they want to lift their profitability and productivity, then meet regularly for facilitated discussions, farm walks, training workshops and information sessions.

Neighbourhood discussion groups form the core of the program, recognizing producers' mix of skills and similar interests in any location.  Members identify key issues and the best learning approaches to reach individual business goals.

An Annual Industry Update, telephone seminars, partnerships with innovative research and development projects, and producer demonstration sites complement group activities.

Coordinators facilitate group activities to encourage group members to question and overcome barriers to change and improvement.


The program works with existing groups in some parts of Victoria and encourages producers in other areas to form new groups. Over 1,700 woolgrowers participate in 70 BESTWOOL/BESTLAMBS groups.

BESTWOOL/BESTLAMB is a partnership between AWI, the Victorian Department of Primary Industries, and the Livestock Group of the Victorian Farmers Federation, with sponsorship from the Grains Research and Development Corporation and Meat & Livestock Australia.

Further Information

BESTWOOL/BESTLAMB - to get involved training, group discussions, pasture variety trials, bloodline comparisons and more, join or start a BESTWOOL/BESTLAMB group. Find out more at: BESTWOOL/BESTLAMB.