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Bestprac is a program that provides support for pastoral wool, sheep meat and cattle producers to improve their business and production performance. Bestprac provides information via its website as well as webinars, workshops, field days and study tours. The Bestprac approach has empowered groups and individuals to innovate and remain in the industry.

Bestprac operates in the pastoral zones of Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia. The pastoral zone of Australia is vast and there are significant differences in farming systems, access to services, native and pest species, enterprise types and business structures. Although there are these differences, Bestprac has demonstrated that all pastoral businesses have techniques, systems or innovations that can be shared across state borders to assist others to improve their skills and knowledge. Bestprac is about; networking with other growers, improving peer support and increasing motivation to achieve goals in an often harsh and isolating environment.


Bestprac has been operating since 1997 and over this time has continued to evolve. Bestprac now aims to break down the barriers of distance by providing a web-based information hub on the Bestprac website ( Supporting this are regular monthly e-newsletters that distribute important information to Bestprac members.

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