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08.06.2023 Source: AWEX
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Retail Training

Retail Training Tours to Australia for key luxury brands are available as part of our retail education service.

Why do we train retail staff?

The Woolmark Company holds comprehensive training sessions for retailers and brands to not only educate staff about the benefits and versatility of Australian wool, but to ultimately allow them to sell more wool and wool-rich product.

Training of retail floor staff along with decision makers - such as a company’s buyers, merchandisers, designers and technologists - continues, focusing on providing them with the knowledge that both stimulates interest and builds their confidence to invest in wool product lines. This enables them to take full advantage of wool’s technical and aesthetic properties.

What do we teach?

  • What wool is and where it comes from
  • Defining the quality of wool
  • Benefits of wool
  • Caring for wool
  • Misconceptions of wool

How do we train retail staff?

The Woolmark Company offers a suite of educational courses and resources for retail staff. The delivery of these courses is tailored to each retailer/brands needs and can be delivered by:

  • The Woolmark Company
  • Train the trainer - retail store managers who have been trained can in turn train their own staff.

We also offer Retail Training Tours to Australia for key luxury brands, as pictured. These tours take brands/retailers back to the source of Australian Merino wool. The aim is to provide the brands/retailers with in-depth education and knowledge about the source of Australian wool, properties/benefits, industry challenges and how to educate consumers about the fibre. It also provides Australian woolgrowers with the opportunity to connect directly with designers, brands and retailers.

What do retail training resources include?

  • Wool Appreciation Course - face-to-face and online
  • Retail Floor Staff Training Course - focussing on properties/benefits of wool and caring for wool
  • Retail Floor Staff pocket book - hard copy and digital
  • Wool Benefits Flyer
  • Wool Care Guide
  • Fact Sheets

The results:

In the past strategic period, retail training workshops were held with 33 retailers, educating more than 1500 retail staff in several locations across the world.

Key brands to participate in wool training include: Bergdorff Goodman, Black Diamond, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Country Road, Lavin Sport, Marks & Spencer, Max Mara, MJ Bale, Ralph Lauren, Raymonds, Sportscraft and Under Armour.

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