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An innovation hub for the woolgrowers of Australia

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25.05.2023 Source: AWEX
AWEX EMI 1214 -49
Micron 17 2063 -117
Micron 18 1725 -105
Micron 19 1527 -44
Micron 20 1398 -60
Micron 21 1364 -31
Micron 22 1319n -73
Micron 25 716 -4
Micron 26 542 -13
Micron 28 323 -2
Micron 30 292 -5
Micron 32 235 -3
MCar 761 -25
Wool is the answer to plastic-free fashion

Fast Facts

  • A dedicated hub on promoting Merino wool as the answer to plastic-free fashion.
  • Direct path-to-purchase for Merino wool activewear.
  • Strong share of voice across social media and external publications.
  • Consumer education on fashion’s impact on ocean health and how wool does not contribute to microplastic pollution.

The Project

The plastic-free hub on offers global consumers a guide to living more sustainably, with the help of wool. The aim is to educate our global audience that wool is the answer to plastic-free fashion, reminding them that clothing made from man-made fibres – such are polyester – are, quite simply, made from plastic.

The hub forms part of a wider eco strategy to highlight positive achievements and provide tools for best practice and adoption, positioning The Woolmark Company as a standard bearer for sustainability from farm to end of life. The eco marketing strategy positions Australian Merino wool as a future-proofed fibre and reflects the shifting consumer priorities and economic changes of 2020. By highlighting the scientific evidence to prove the eco benefits of Merino wool we aim to empower consumers to make more responsible purchasing decisions

What We Delivered

  • An actionable guide to eliminate plastic from your wardrobe.
  • Microplastic pollution data revealing wool does not contribute to microplastic pollution.
  • A shoppable edit of Merino wool investment pieces and activewear
  • Benefits for working out in wool

The Results:

  • 5833 page views on
  • 4:05 average time on page (double the industry benchmark)
  • Direct path-to-purchase for Merino wool activewear
  • Global exposure via media partnerships promoting the hub
  • Eco strategy social media results (January – April 2019)
    • 3M reach
    • 1M impressions
    • 728K engagements
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