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What we do

AWI is a not-for-profit company responsible for delivering research, development and marketing for the Australian wool industry.

The company is owned by nearly 22,000 Australian wool levy payers who have registered as AWI shareholders.

AWI was established in 2001 by the Australian Federal Government and wool industry as the Australian wool industry's rural Research and Development Corporation (RDC). AWI is one of 15 rural RDCs for specific rural industries.

Mission statement

AWI’s mission is to make strategically targeted investments to:

1. enhance the profitability, international competitiveness and sustainability of the Australian wool industry; and

2. increase demand and market access for Australian wool.

AWI's vision is for it to be a highly valued contributor to a vibrant, profitable and sustainable Australian wool industry.

AWI's goal is to increase the profitability, and support the sustainability of Australian wool industry through strategically targeted investments in research, development and marketing designed to optimise return on investment. In working towards this goal AWI always strives to deliver an appropriate return on woolgrowers’ and Government’s investment of levies.

Who AWI works with

In carrying out its role, AWI invests along the global supply chain for Australian wool to deliver outcomes that benefit Australian woolgrowers. Our stakeholders include:

Woolgrowers: We fund the development of new products and practices to improve woolgrowers' on-farm productivity and profitability.

Government and industry: We work with government and industry to ensure efficient and effective investment in research, development and extension.

Manufacturers and brands: We work with the world's best manufacturers and brands to develop, produce and market the very best, innovative collections inspired by Australian wool. For more information, visit

Fashion designers: We inspire fashion designers to create exciting new collections that utilise the unique natural properties of Australian wool. For more information, visit

Retailers: We showcase Australian wool's properties and demonstrate its sales potential to buyers and retailers. For more information, visit

Consumers: We share information with consumers about the natural properties of Australian wool so they can experience and enjoy the fibre's wonderful natural benefits. For more information, visit

The Woolmark Company

The Woolmark Company Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of Australian Wool Innovation Limited.

The Woolmark Company and its affiliates are the proud owner of the world-renowned Woolmark logo - the world's best known textile fibre brand - which has been applied to more than five billion products since its creation in 1964.

The Woolmark Company operates a global licensing program which enables Woolmark licensees to use one of The Woolmark Company's logos as an independent quality endorsement on the licensee's products.

The Woolmark Company offices are strategically located to develop direct business relationships with global brands/retailers, textile manufacturers and fashion designers in key markets across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

For further information, visit

Supplier Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

AWI wishes to ensure that high ethical standards and practices are adopted by the parties that provide services and/or goods to AWI. AWI has developed a Code of Conduct and Business Ethics that sets out AWI's expectations as to how suppliers will carry out their duties and responsibilities.