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Woolgrower Services


To increase woolgrower profitability, and to provide cost effective services to woolgrowers and other parties on their behalf.


  • Woolgrowers and other key stakeholders will have greater knowledge of AWI operations.
  • Woolgrowers will continue to have effective access to information on existing and new sheep and wool management technologies.
  • More highly trained shearers and wool handlers.
  • AWI recognised as a valuable contributor to the profitability and sustainability of Australian woolgrowers through a broad range of grower-facing communications, engagement and training.
  • AWI is recognised as an organisation that has effective consultation processes with woolgrowers and stakeholders.

Strategies for 2016/17 to 2018/19

Training & Technology Uptake:

AWI aims to be seen as a valuable contributor to the profitability and sustainability of Australian woolgrowers, through a broad range of grower-facing communication, engagement and training initiatives.

Sheep & Wool Management Skills program targets:           

  1. More than 10 practical sheep skills training events held across the country each year, reaching more than 100 people and at an average cost not exceeding $150 per effective participant.
  2. Delivery of the National Merino Challenge on a fixed annual budget in real terms.
  3. Average annual cost saving to woolgrowers participating in AWI supported networks exceeds $700, net of AWI and grower costs.
  4. Achievement of a minimum of 8,000 page views for practical sheep management resources on AWI websites at a maximum cost per hit of $1.50.

Wool Harvesting & Quality Preparation program targets:

  1. Increase shed productivity by, on average, four sheep per day by 2019 across the whole industry.
  2. Cost per person trained remains constant in real terms.
  3. Commercial availability of at least one technology, by 2019, to increase the efficiency of wool harvesting.


AWI will undertake extensive consultation with its stakeholders – from woolgrowers, grower representative bodies and Government, through the supply chain to consumers.

Woolgrower program targets:                                                      

  1. Provide multiple channels for shareholders to access and consult AWI directly, in person at specific and industry events or digitally.
  2. A greater awareness amongst shareholders of the ongoing research, development and marketing projects conducted by AWI for the wool industry.
  3. Provide a more customised flow of information to and from shareholders, delivered regularly and digitally through Beyond the Bale quarterly and newsletters monthly.
  4. Create the most valued market intelligence in the wool industry.
  5. Continue to provide strong and recognised support for more than 50 wool industry events nationwide.

Stakeholder program targets:        

  1. AWI reports on and meets its statutory requirements every six months.
  2. Measure positive change in stakeholder awareness of AWI’s activities and outcomes (evidenced though annual stakeholder surveys).

Further Information

For further information about AWI's strategic priorities, refer to AWI's Strategic Plan (PDF 4Mb).