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To build trust and transparency across the supply chain through an industry best-practice structured, targeted and measurable engagement model; and for this intelligence to influence, inform or contribute to AWI’s business activities.


  • Measurable contribution to future-proofing the industry, in terms of retaining and attracting the next generation to the industry; and to maintaining and building the Australian Merino flock.
  • Accountability to woolgrowers by listening to and acting upon on-farm and regional challenges that are communicated via a structured and enhanced industry consultation model, and in turn leverage this feedback loop as a means of achieving improved awareness and understanding of AWI business activities by its levy payer base.
  • Demonstrable positive increase in woolgrower sentiment toward AWI, via an annual survey, as a highly valued contributor to a vibrant, profitable, innovative and sustainable Australian wool industry.
  • Deliver an innovative, practical and tailored project suite that lifts non-shareholder levy payer awareness of AWI activities to a level where woolgrowers within this group see value in converting to an AWI shareholder.
  • Provide opportunity for reducing knowledge gaps between supply chain partners by an enhanced market intelligence function, and by acting as a conduit between sectors.

STRATEGIES FOR 2019/20 TO 2021/22


Australian woolgrowers are the reason AWI exists. Australian woolgrowers and the future health of their operations will always be the business’ priority focus, in terms of woolgrower levies that fund AWI activities, and in managing these funds prudently to deliver strategic, relevant, sophisticated, and measurable outcomes that contribute to a vibrant, profitable, innovative and sustainable Australian wool industry.

Extension Networks targets

  1. 15,000 active participants in AWI extension initiatives.
  2. AWI workshops delivered to participants receive a net promoter score of 7.5/10. (evidenced by exit surveys).
  3. 50,000 views of AWI Network resources online.

Events & Forums target

  1. Support and engagement at more than 50 events and forums nationally.

Market Intelligence & Communications targets

  1. 70% of users of AWI’s Market Intelligence find it of ‘high value’ or above (evidenced by AWI survey).
  2. Increase subscriber numbers by 20%.
  3. E-news click through rate of 35%.
  4. Market Intelligence area on AWI website receives 1,500 views per month.


AWI looks to work in a structured, transparent and collaborative way with the plethora of industry bodies, and for the intelligence gleaned from this engagement to influence, inform or contribute to AWI business activities.

Woolgrower Representative Bodies target

  1. WICP and WCG members report AWI consultation efforts have been maintained or improved at 8.9 (approval rating out of 10).

Further Information
For further information about AWI's strategic priorities, refer to AWI's Strategic Plan (PDF 7Mb).