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To continue to build demand for Australian wool by reinforcing its position in the market and solidifying a strong price to ensure a sustainable future for Australian woolgrowers.


  • New and sustainable demand for Australian wool.
  • Australian Merino wool is positioned as the premium fibre for luxury apparel and sportswear.
  • Enhanced consumer awareness of the benefits of Australian wool as a fibre of choice in apparel.
  • The Woolmark Company is a credible, globally recognised and mutually beneficial partner for brands and retailers.

STRATEGIES FOR 2019/20 TO 2021/22


The Trade Marketing strategy (B2B) aims to build the reputation for Australian wool amongst the global apparel industry through a program of fibre advocacy, fostering and promoting innovation, increasing brand equity for the Woolmark and championing Australian wool’s inherent eco-credentials. The Woolmark Company’s internal creative and digital teams will deliver cost-efficient, cutting edge marketing and communications.

Fibre Advocacy targets

  1. Increase trade leads by 2.5%.
  2. 5% active engagement rate on owned content.


A strategic Business and Talent Development (BTD) program, bringing together the company’s Education and Extension, Processing Innovation and Marketing functions to drive increased business development opportunities and build an alumnus of life- long Australian wool advocates. The strategy encompasses key programs such as the International Woolmark Prize and Woolmark Performance Challenge.

International Woolmark Prize targets

  1. 300 new leads per year.
  2. Achieve 50% of surveyed alumni as continued wool advocates post-award.
  3. Five commercial partners retain alumni collections after initial season.

Woolmark Performance Challenge targets

  1. Increase digital engagement by 20% year on year.
  2. Increase competition entry rate by 10%.
  3. Increase webinar average attendance rate from 19.


The Consumer marketing strategy (B2B2C) aims to develop and implement marketing campaigns with key designers, brands and partners to drive growth, defend core categories and build the reputation for Australian wool. This strategy will deliver value to partner brands, maximise investment efficiency and deliver the wool message across all touchpoints aligned to the most important brands and retailers across the world.

Fibre Advocacy targets

  1. 5% increase in active engagement on owned media channels.
  2. Increase Share of Voice (SOV) by 8% for The Woolmark Company and Merino wool.
  3. Increase in campaign-specific brand awareness by 5%.
  4. Increase in campaign-specific brand sentiment by 5%.

Brand Partnership targets

  1. Partner with five global brand partners.
  2. Increase purchase intent of Australian wool by 5%.
  3. Achieve 5% increase in units of clothing with five brand partners with a global presence.

Further Information

For further information about AWI's strategic priorities, refer to AWI's Strategic Plan (PDF 7Mb).