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To increase demand for Australian wool.


  • New and sustainable demand for Australian wool.
  • Australian Merino wool positioned as the premium fibre for luxury apparel and sportswear.
  • Enhanced consumer awareness of the benefits of Australian wool as a fibre of choice in apparel wear.
  • AWI / TWC is a well-respected and sought after co-marketing partner with brands and retailers.

Strategies for 2016/17 to 2018/19


AWI will develop and implement co-marketing campaigns in Fashion, targeting Menswear and Womenswear that builds demand in key consumer markets for fashion apparel where the ingredient is Australian Merino wool. AWI will support this program with AWI marketing services that help deliver value to partner brands, maximise AWI cost-efficiency and maintain a cutting edge digital infrastructure.

Menswear program targets:

  1. 2.5 million kgs of new demand over this strategic period.
  2. 6 new global partnerships.

Womenswear program targets:

  1. 2 million kgs of new demand over this strategic period.
  2. 6 new global partnerships.


Taking advantage of the explosive growth in demand for sportswear and activewear, and in particular the opportunity for wool as a technical fibre to meet increasingly demanding consumer needs for comfort and performance, AWI will target running, outdoor activities and the emerging 'athleisure' markets and work with major brands to introduce wool to new categories of demand.

Sportswear targets:

  1. 20 new partners working with AWI
  2. 2 million kgs new demand for Australian wool over this Strategic period

Global Campaigns:

AWI will implement global campaigns, utilising all consumer-relevant communications channels and tools, in the apparel market. These will consist of the International Woolmark Prize and the Campaign for Wool and AWI will continue to build on the past success of these programs.

International Woolmark Prize program targets:   

  1. An additional 3.5 million kgs in new demand.
  2. Grow the Alumni database by 60 new designers annually.
  3. Grow media awareness and editorial coverage by $10 million.
  4. Grow the retailer partner network by three new retailers from a base of eleven.

The Campaign For Wool program target:                

  1. Additional 1.0 million kgs of new demand.

Further Information

For further information about AWI's strategic priorities, refer to AWI's Strategic Plan (PDF 4Mb).