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Call for proposals

Woolgrower levy payer and Australian Government investors in Australian Wool Innovation expect collaboration with other Research and Development Corporations (RDCs). AWI's Project Initiation Guidelines can be found here.

Partnerships between AWI and other RDCs ensure sharing of research knowledge, increase the total funding pool for projects of common interest to speed up research, give RDCs a stake in more projects at less cost per project and progress shared agricultural problems which otherwise would not be tackled.

A stocktake of AWI’s collaborative co-investment activities across the RDC network in 2018 can be accessed here.

Call for proposals for 2019/20 funding - Applications close at 5pm, Friday 30th November 2018.

AWI invited individuals, companies and organisations to submit project applications that address AWI strategic priorities and programs. These are detailed in AWI’s strategic plan which is available from here.

Research portfolios include:

1. Sheep Production:

        a.  Sheep Health & Welfare
        b.  Vertebrate Pests
        c.  Reproduction
        d.  Genetic Improvement
        e.  Farm Automation & Software Development
         f.  Feedbase & Eco-credentials
        g.  Fibre Advocacy

2. Wool Grower Services:

        a.  Sheep & Wool Management Skills
        b.  Wool Harvesting & Quality Preparation

3. Processing Innovation & Education Extension:

        a.  Product & Processing Innovation

To help applicants identify the type of projects AWI would like to invest in, AWI prepared a table that sets out the programs in each of these strategic areas as well as the AWI Manager responsible for the areas. These areas are aligned with the AWI’s Strategic Plan.

Download the appropriate proposal form from the links below:

AWI Research Project Proposal Form

Shearer Training Project Proposal Response Form

Shearer Training Budget Breakdown

Please submit your project proposals by email to

If you have any questions or issues with submission, please email or alternatively call the AWI Office on (02) 8295 3100