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Business Services


To enable AWI to operate cost effectively through the efficient provision of a range of cross-company support services. 


  • Maintain the strength of the Woolmark brand globally.
  • AWI’s internal and external stakeholders will be provided with a range of efficiently delivered support services, relevant to business needs.
  • AWI to be recognised as a leader in the development and delivery of Digital Services for the Australian wool Industry.

Strategies for 2016/17 to 2018/19

Corporate Services:

AWI will provide high quality support services globally including people services, financial management, legal advice, strategic commercial advice, IP portfolio management, company secretary and compliance oversight, for all of the business divisions of AWI.

Finance Services program targets:          

  1. Compliance – no default notices for financial reporting including annual accounts and tax filings across the group portfolio.
  2. Risk – Manage the group reserves policy ensuring the following reserves are maintained.
    • Forward Contracts Reserve is sufficient to cover global contractual commitments on an annual basis.
    • Operating Reserves should be set each year end as the equivalent of 75% of operating cost for the next financial year.
    • Maintain emergency Reserve of $5 million to meet EADRA obligations on behalf of WoolProducers Australia, as the wool industry signatory.
  3. Process/Reporting – monthly financial reporting to be provided to the Board/management. Group Annual financial statements to be audited and provided to the Board at the August meeting annually.

People Services program targets:            

  1. Talent Acquisition – talent recruited matches business needs.
  2. Talent Management – Executive supported succession plan in place.
  3. Engagement – Year on year improvement in employee engagement measure.
  4. People Analytics – people analytic tools developed to improve decision making in talent acquisition.
  5. Workplace Culture – Compliance with local and international employment legal requirements and key HR policies globally.

Legal Services program targets:               

  1. Provide legal and commercial advice and support to the company in order to reflect its strategic and commercial needs as well as mitigating risks.
  2. Manage the company’s intellectual property assets to ensure that they are protected and their value enhanced and provide assistance with their commercialisation.
  3. Administer the affairs and corporate governance for AWI’s subsidiaries, branches and representative offices to ensure their observance of legal requirements.
  4. AWI Company Secretary – Manage the Board’s adherence to the Board and Board Committee charters, the AWI Constitution, the Statutory Funding Agreement and other guiding documents.

Evaluation Services program target:      

  1. All AWI Programs will be evaluated on a routine basis.


The Woolmark brand underpins many of AWI’s other programs by providing a central point of focus to link initiatives across the entire wool supply chain. The Woolmark product specifications and quality control and testing policy support The Woolmark Company's (TWC) consumer marketing efforts to change perceptions about wool.

Licensing program target:           

  1. Maintain License numbers at the same number as 2015.

Business Development program target:

  1. 75% of Key Accounts report a measurable increase in wool production or sales over the strategic period.

Digital Services:

The ongoing evolution of the business requires the continual balancing of the need for stability and security in information technology with a flexible and accessible ‘ecosystem’ that accounts for increased workforce mobility and cloud based solutions.

Digital Services targets:

  1. By 2019, increase the amount of new customers entering the AWI/WM digital ecosystem by 20%.
  2. Integrate CRM across the entire business to improve communication.
  3. Ensure all offices and projects are fully supported digitally and increase overall staff awareness of these services.
  4. Provide leadership and guidance to ensure digital future proofing of the business.

Further Information

For further information about AWI's strategic priorities, refer to AWI's Strategic Plan (PDF 4Mb).