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25.09.2020 Source: AWEX
AWEX EMI 1036 +99
Micron 17 1641n +185
Micron 18 1398 +115
Micron 19 1231 +146
Micron 20 1104 +124
Micron 21 1073 +124
Micron 22 1063n +140
Micron 26 670n +44
Micron 28 483 +17
Micron 30 405n +31
MCar 703 +64
Changes to the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment levy returns - which will affect all wool levy payers - will come into effect on July 1.

All agents or levy payers must submit levy payer information online. This is in line with other levy paying agricultural bodies, moving to a more time and cost-efficient method of lodgement.

Wool levy agents will no longer have to send a csv/excel file to the department, but can now simply upload onto an online portal on behalf of their wool selling clients. This portal will be accessible for the individual levy payer and is a single site whereby all agricultural levies paid by their entity will show.

Levy payer information consists of the following:

  • The name, address, contact details and ABN (if any) of each person who has paid, or is liable to pay, a levy or charge for the affected collection product (the levy payer);
  • The total amount (in kilograms) of the wool sold, bought, exported, used or processed; and
  • The sale or free-on-board value of the wool, and the amount of levy or charge each levy payer has paid or is liable to pay for the period to which the return relates to.


If you have questions about this notice of change, please email or call 1800 020 619 and leave your contact details.

If you have queries or require help in lodging returns, or if your software needs attention, AWI is providing a helpline to assist the Federal Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment. Please call 02 8295 3100 during business hours and a dedicated staff member for each state will be on hand to try and support your transition to the digital Levy Payer Register.

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