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Becoming a shareholder

An AWI shareholder is a levy payer who holds a share in AWI. AWI has nearly 22,000 shareholders. AWI shareholders are Australian woolgrowers.

AWI shareholders are able to shape the decision making process of the company via their access to information from the company, and right to vote at Annual General Meetings. AWI shareholders are entitled to one vote for every $100 of wool levy paid in the three financial years before any vote. A share in AWI is not tradeable and is of no capital value.

How to become an AWI shareholder

To be eligible to become an AWI shareholder, applicants must have paid at least $100 in wool levies in the past three years. Paying wool levies does not automatically make the levy payer a shareholder of AWI. To become a shareholder, a levy payer must apply.

Becoming an AWI shareholder is free. To become an AWI shareholder, levy-paying woolgrowers should complete the shareholder application form (PDF 191Kb) and return it to the AWI share registry at Link Market Services. Enquiries should be directed to Link Market Services on 1800 113 373 (free call).

Shareholder distribution

AWI had 21,715 shareholders at 31 January 2019. There were a total of 61,741 wool levy payers at 31 January 2019.

Wool is produced across a range of environments in Australia. AWI shareholders are therefore located across a broad area of the country, from the high rainfall areas, to the wheat/sheep zone, out to the drier pastoral zone.