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AGM 2017

AWI held its 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday 17 November 2017 at 10am (AEST) at the Swissotel in Sydney, NSW.

Formal notice and meeting papers were sent to AWI shareholders in October 2017.

Election of directors

At the AGM, Colette Garnsey and James Morgan were re-elected to the Board of AWI, and Don Macdonald was elected to the Board.

The votes for their election were:

Colette Garnsey   
Don Macdonald   
James Morgan     
Paul Cocking     
Will Wilson       


Note: Although eligible wool levy payers can participate in WoolPoll every three years, wool levy payers must choose to become an AWI shareholder to be eligible to vote in director elections. This written invitation is sent to levy payers every year – or you can use at any time through the year the form located on this page.

AWI AGM webcast

The 2017 AWI AGM was broadcast live via webcast – this initiative by AWI enabled those AWI shareholders that were unable to attend the AGM in person to view the AGM proceedings live.

A video recording of the AGM is available by clicking here. You will need to register to view the recording, unless you have previously registered. The recording will be available via this webpage for 12 months until November 2018.

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If you have a query regarding AWI shareholder information, please call AWI's share registry Link Market Services on 1800 113 373.