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AGM 2017

AWI will hold its 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday 17 November 2017.

AWI AGM webcast

The 2017 AWI AGM will be broadcast live via webcast on 17 November.

This initiative by AWI enables those AWI shareholders that are unable to attend the AGM in person to view the AGM proceedings live. AWI shareholders will also have the opportunity to submit questions online to the AWI Chairman and CEO to be answered at the AGM.

Formal notice and meeting papers will be sent to AWI shareholders in October 2017.

Election of Directors

Five candidates will contest three vacant board positions to be made available at the 2017 AGM.

The AWI Constitution stipulates at least a third of the Board, currently made of seven members, must retire their position every two years. Incumbent AWI directors Colette Garnsey, Paul Cocking and James Morgan will do so and all will re-stand for election.

Under the Rules and Procedures governing the election of Directors, any individual seeking election to the Board of AWI can do so once they have achieved the necessary 100 valid shareholder signatures as verified by the AWI share registry, Link Market Services. In 2017, two outside Board nominees have successfully done so and will also stand as candidates, these being William Wilson and Don Macdonald.

The AWI Board Nomination Committee will assess the skills of candidates as required under the Statutory Funding Agreement with the Federal Government. The Nomination Committee will deliver its report to the AWI Board and the report will be appended to the Notice of Annual General Meeting as part of the AWI shareholder voting pack.

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If you have a query regarding AWI shareholder information, please call AWI's share registry Link Market Services on 1800 113 373.