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AGM 2013

AWI held its 2013 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday 22nd November 2013 at The Grace Hotel in Sydney.

At the AGM and according to the Corporations Act, shareholders voted to limit the board to seven Directors. Subsequently the results of the election of Directors are as follows:


Meredith Sheil  138,006 votes for
James Morgan 99,934 votes for
Paul Cocking  92,544 votes for
George Falkiner 84,216 votes for
Martin Oppenheimer 51,938 votes for
Will Roberts 45,936 votes for
Jock MacRae 33,066 votes for
John Hassell 31,795  votes for

Therefore Meredith Sheil has been re-elected to the Board of AWI, and James Morgan and Paul Cocking have been elected to the Board.

The complete Board is now comprised of these candidates along with Wal Merriman, Brian van Rooyen, David Webster and Colette Garnsey. 

Subsequent to the AGM, the new Board met and resolved to elect Wal Merriman as the Chairman.

AWI AGM webcast

The 2013 AWI AGM was broadcast live via webcast on 22nd November from 10am (Sydney time).

This initiative by AWI enabled those AWI shareholders that were unable to attend the AGM in person to view the AGM proceedings. AWI shareholders also had the opportunity to submit questions online to the AWI Chairman and CEO to be answered at the AGM.

As well as being broadcast live, the 2013 broadcast was available to be viewed on demand for 12 months following the AGM.

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