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AGM 2011

AWI held its 2011 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday 18th November 2011 at the Grace Hotel, Sydney NSW.

At the AGM and according to the Corporations Act, shareholders voted to limit the board to seven Directors, with 151,797 votes in favour of the resolution. Subsequently the results of the election of Directors were as follows:


Votes for

Colette Garnsey


Brian van Rooyen


David Webster


Robert McBride


Alix Turner


Therefore Colette Garnsey, Brian van Rooyen and David Webster were elected to the Board of AWI. The complete Board now comprises these candidates along with Wal Merriman, Roger Fletcher, Meredith Sheil and George Falkiner.

The new Board met immediately following the AGM and re-elected Wal Merriman as Chairman and Roger Fletcher as Deputy Chairman.

The resolution to change the Constitution to allow the Board Nomination Committee more time to complete its function in future elections required a vote of 75% in favour. The resulting vote in favour of the change was 87.62%.