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06.05.2021 Source: AWEX
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Micron 18 1920 -31
Micron 19 1598 -50
Micron 20 1357 -10
Micron 21 1283 -17
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WoolPoll 2021 Chairman Elected

The 2021 WoolPoll Panel has elected Steven Bolt as its Chairman.

Mr Bolt is a woolgrower from Corrigin, Western Australia.

He is principal of Claypans stud merino and a Director of The Livestock Collective.

WoolPoll is the three-yearly vote of all wool levy payers through which the industry decides on its levy rate for investment in research, development and marketing.

As Chairman of the 2021 WoolPoll Panel, Mr Bolt will lead the efforts to get a strong turn out by growers when voting gets underway later this year.

“It is an honour and a privilege to be Chairman of the WoolPoll panel at a time of enormous change and opportunity for the Australian Wool Industry,” Mr Bolt said.

“It is vitally important for all woolgrowers - no matter where you live - to cast your vote for the levy rate you want to pay.

The Panel’s role is not to tell growers what rate to support but to encourage all growers to have their say”.

Growers will be given up to five options of levy rate to support and can vote for one or more levy rates in order of preference.

Voting is scheduled to open on Monday September 13 and close on Friday November 9.

Voting is not compulsory.

An additional question will be added to WoolPoll 2021. It will ask growers if they want a five-year WoolPoll cycle.

The WoolPoll panel members are:

  • Steven Bolt
  • Jo Hall
  • Kate McBride
  • Dianna Martin
  • John Murdoch
  • Daniel Rogers
  • Mark Waters
  • Michael Wright