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18.06.2021 Source: AWEX
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New innovation causing a wave in farm water troughs

The Croc Trough Pumping System is a solar pumping system that is added to livestock water troughs.

After five years of self-funded research to improve the quality of trough water, Chris Grieger has developed a trough pumping system which he says gives producers cleaner, cooler and more palatable water for their livestock.

“While livestock producers are very aware of the importance of feed and nutrition to maximise their animals’ health and production, the value of providing optimal water health for the animals is sometimes overlooked,” said the owner, designer and developer of the Croc Trough Pumping System, Chris Grieger, who has 25 years’ experience in the agricultural industry.

“However, making water more palatable for livestock has been shown to increase water consumption, which in turn is linked to increased feed conversion which is the key factor in improved weight gains and growth, as well as healthier livestock.

“This is why I developed Croc Trough Pumping System, which is the only product on the market dedicated to helping improve livestock trough water quality.”

The Croc TPS is a solar pumping system that is added to livestock water troughs. You can use your existing trough, just place the pump in the water, ensure the solar panel is protected from animals, and let it do its job.

“It helps circulate, aerate, soften and cool the water. It inhibits algal growth and separates biofilm, dust and debris, thereby providing livestock with access to more palatable water,” Chris said. “In trials we have seen significant improvement in livestock health and good weight gains. Given the low entry price, we expect producers to see immediate and significant returns on their investment. 200 lambs adding an extra 50 grams per day will pay for the product in 10 days alone.”

“The Croc TPS enables producers to reduce the frequency of trough cleaning. It ensures clean water for your stock at a fraction of the time and effort; so it enables you to work smarter, not harder. There is less water wastage too.”

The Croc TPS is available in two sizes. The TPS50 is designed for large round troughs and rectangular troughs more than 2.5m long, while the TPS20 is for smaller volumed troughs or to use as an additional pump in larger troughs. Chris says it is simple to install and maintain – and can easily be relocated to other troughs.

Woolgrower John Sutherland of ‘Pooginook’ at Jerilderie in the Riverina NSW has used two of the trough pumps and he says he has noticed benefits.

“The pumps ensure that dust doesn’t settle and the lambs have access to cleaner water, drinking as much as they need whenever they want. I have compared the same lambs on the troughs with pumps and without pumps, and the lambs on the pump systems are watering better overall. At Pooginook, good quality water is key to better weight gains in weaners,” John said.

“In the containment pens, trough cleaning has been reduced from cleaning daily to once every three days. Importantly the weaners no longer come to the water as you clean out the trough as they always did before this simple trough pump was installed. We are also now using this system as a mobile unit to follow weaners’ grazing rotation on the native country. It has been a game changer for us managing weaners on water especially during summer.”


More information:

Chris Grieger 0407 487 118


This article appeared in the March 2021 edition of AWI’s Beyond the Bale magazine. Reproduction of the article is encouraged, however prior permission must be obtained from the Editor.

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