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02.12.2022 Source: AWEX
AWEX EMI 1224 -32
Micron 17 2065n +17
Micron 18 1737 -36
Micron 19 1533 -62
Micron 20 1382 -63
Micron 21 1296 -57
Micron 22 1225n -33
Micron 26 620n -24
Micron 28 330 -20
Micron 30 298 -7
MCar 864 -3

Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) seeks to clarify the status of some proxy forms issued for the forthcoming director election.

AWI considers it a matter of great importance that director elections are held in a way that is fair to all candidates and that shareholders are provided with balanced and accurate information to assist them in exercising an informed vote.

Shareholders have contacted AWI about the proxy forms pre-filled with voting preferences in favour of Messrs Steven Read, Michael Field and Don Macdonald who are standing for election at AWI’s forthcoming Annual General Meeting on Friday 19 November 2021.

Those proxy forms were not issued by AWI.

The official AWI-issued proxy form was provided to shareholders with the Notice of Meeting.

AWI encourages all shareholders to appoint proxies using the official AWI-issued proxy form that accompanied their Notice of Meeting and to consider the information provided in the Notice of Meeting before voting.

Who shareholders choose to appoint as a proxy is entirely a matter for them.


Contact: Kevin Wilde
Mobile: +61 436 031 277