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01.04.2021 Source: AWEX
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What is the best way to implement research findings in your flock?

The first season of AWI Change Makers is a ten-part video series centred around sheep reproduction. Tune in to hear leading livestock consultant, Nathan Scott, demonstrate a range of practical ways growers can influence sheep reproduction with the latest research and tools informed by the AWI-funded research and development outcomes

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February 24, 2021

AWI Change Makers Episode 5: Joining time and length

February 24, 2021

Time of joining will set out your whole reproductive schedule and determine when your ewes’ nutritional demands will peak. Join Nathan Scott as he outlines the considerations and impacts of joining time and length, with practical management tips for you when deciding what will work for your operation #AWIChangeMakers Episode 5: Joining time and length.

For further information, go to or for courses to understand the ewe management impacts of joining time and length go to

Recently Uploaded
December 23, 2020

AWI Change Makers Episode 4: Ewe condition scoring

December 23, 2020

Condition score can tell you so much about your sheep and their performance, and is simply done by hand, measuring the fat and muscle cover over and around the short ribs. Join Nathan Scott as he outlines the benefits of recording and managing ewe condition scores to target, practical management tips and expected productivity gains in #AWIChangeMakers Episode 4: Ewe condition scoring.

For further information, to download a condition scoring card or find more about the Lifetime Ewe Management course and app, visit

November 25, 2020

AWI Change Makers Episode 3: Ram performance management

November 25, 2020

Rams are high performance animals that work very hard over the joining period. They contribute half of the genetics of their progeny and are the primary drivers of genetic improvement in a flock, so need to be given every opportunity to pass on their genes.

Join Nathan Scott as he outlines why it’s so important to manage your rams to be in peak physical condition for joining, the time it takes to have rams at peak sperm production and practical management tips to help you achieve your joining goals in #AWIChangeMakers Episode 3: Ram performance management. 

For further information and tips for ram preparation and management, visit

September 22, 2020

Episode 2: Weaning to manage

September 22, 2020

Wean to manage. Weaning is important for the ewe and the lamb, manage ewe condition and lamb growth rates for their next steps. Join Nathan Scott as he outlines why timely weaning is important, practical management tips and what you can do in #AWIChangeMakers Episode 2: Weaning to manage.

For further information and to find AWI’s standard reference weight (SRW) calculator and weaner management checklist, visit the AWI website at

August 18, 2020

Episode 1: Lambing mob size

August 18, 2020

Lambing mob size can have a significant impact on lambing rates, particularly in your twin mobs. Join Nathan Scott as he outlines why mob size matters, practical management tips and what you can do in AWI Change Makers Episode 1: Lambing mob size.

For further information and to estimate the optimum mob size and benefit for your operation from reducing lambing mob size, visit

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