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Shear Outback to deliver training benefits to shearers and shedhands

Tuesday, 22 January 2002

Australian wool producers have invested in the success of the Shear Outback Museum, with an Australian Wool Innovation sponsorship directed at providing educational facilities and training opportunities for Australian shearers and shed hands.

The three year, $265,000 commitment by AWI was announced by Managing Director, Col Dorber and coincides with the launch today (26 January 2002) of the Museum.

Located in Hay, NSW, Shear Outback is a sophisticated museum and wool industry education centre that incorporates displays, demonstrations and events with a total focus on wool.

Mr Dorber said the launch of Shear Outback presented an exciting opportunity to the wool industry and AWI was very pleased to be involved in such a worthwhile project.

"From an AWI perspective the fact that Shear Outback is located a half day drive from over 50% of all Australian wool producers makes it a central location from which to deliver educational and training programs to industry participants.

"An important component of our involvement will be to use the facilities offered at the Shear Outback Museum to deliver a comprehensive package of shearer and shed hand training.

Mr Dorber said while AWI had invested in a range of innovative projects in the area of wool harvesting, the delivery of effective training was an important step in maintaining producer access to efficient shearing services.

He said the sponsorship would also allow AWI to present educational materials to the general public and highlight a range of new and innovative activities being undertaken in the industry.

"Our longer term goal will be to use the Shear Outback Museum to keep both levy payers and the wider community informed on the latest wool innovations - whether it is in production, wool harvesting and handling, wool processing and woollen garments or other uses for quality Australian wool," Mr Dorber said.

Shear Outback officially opens on Australia Day, with celebrations and a formal ceremony planned across the entire Australia Day long weekend.


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