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Lice cost Australian woolgrowers more than $120 million annually. Lice reduce fleece weight and downgrade wool quality.

Retailers face increasing pressure to minimise chemical residues in wool processing as lice continue to develop resistance to chemicals.

LiceBoss is a decision support system that can help woolgrowers control lice more effectively, minimise pesticide residues and reduce the cost of lice control.

LiceBoss is an online tool developed by AWI and the Sheep Industry CRC for woolgrowers wanting to identify, treat and prevent lice.



ParaBoss is a suite of three products – LiceBoss, WormBoss and FlyBoss – developed to help sheep producers in the management of lice, worms and blowflies.

The LiceBoss, WormBoss and FlyBoss websites are sources of detailed management information and regional programs that will assist in managing the major parasite risks for sheep. The websites have been developed by expert panels of parasitologists and veterinarians from across Australia.

ParaBoss provides access to the three websites at

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ParaBoss is funded by AWI and MLA and coordinated by the University of New England with industry oversight. 

Further Information

LiceBoss - visit the website to:

  • Use the results from the on-line decision support tool to control lice more effectively, minimise pesticide residues and reduce the cost of lice control.
  • View or download resource material to help design and implement an effective lice control program on-farm.