Wool Selling Systems Review

AWI has released the Review Panel's Final Report. The Panel has examined the potential options to improve the efficiency of the wool selling systems and in turn woolgrower profitability

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Shearer and wool handler training videos

View 200 short videos produced by AWI to promote better techniques and improve clip preparation practices in the industry.

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Boosting rabbit biocontrol

The approaching roll out of a strain of rabbit calicivirus new to Australia will help woolgrowers increase their productivity.

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Lifetime ewe management pushes boundaries

The 3,000 woolgrowers that have participated in LTEM have on average increased weaning rates by 10% and reduced ewe mortality by 30%.

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Dual purpose Merinos very profitable

The final results of the Elmore Field Days trial indicate dual purpose Merinos to be a very profitable sheep system for northern Victoria.

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Beyond The Bale - New Issue Out Now

From farm to fashion, the latest issue reports on initiatives to increase the on-farm profitability of Australian woolgrowers and increase the demand for Australian wool.

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AWI Drought Resources

AWI has a range of drought planning, management and recovery resources available for woolgrowers going into, enduring and recovering from drought.

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View a recording of the AWI AGM webcast

AWI broadcast via a live webcast the AWI Annual General Meeting on Friday 20 November. A recording of the webcast is now available.

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Woolgrowers vote to retain 2% levy

Australian woolgrowers have voted to maintain the 2% levy on wool sales to fund R&D and marketing of the natural fibre.

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AWI AGM: A strong year and a new director

At its AGM, AWI reported on a year of strong results for woolgrowers across R&D and marketing.

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Watch this new video that outlines how communities who work together can get on top of this insidious problem.

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Economic benefits of native shelter belts

Access the latest report from the Basalt to Bay Landcare Network that details the economic, environmental, production and animal welfare benefits that can be achieved by establishing shelter belts.

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Market Intelligence

Sale date 11/02/2016
AWEX EMI 1284 +19
17 1566 +22
18 1529 +26
19 1450 +38
20 1405 +32
21 1398 +28
22 1388 +27
23 1370 +32
28 835 +8
32 640 -6
Mer Card 1104 -13
Source: AWEX
AWEX - EMI monthly average
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About AWI

Australian Wool Innovation is a not-for-profit company owned by more than 24,000 Australian woolgrowers.
AWI invests in research, development, innovation and marketing along the global supply chain for Australian wool.