Stockmanship and Merino Visual Classing

AWI has developed new educational resources to help build the skills of young people interested in the Australian wool industry.

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Nuffield 2017 applications now open

Applications for the 2017 AWI Nuffield Woolgrower Scholarship, in collaboration with Nuffield Australia, are now open. Applications close 30 June 2016.

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From little things big things grow

In the latest edition of our "The Source" series, meet the owners of Anlaby - South Australia’s oldest Merino stud - who have developed a supply chain which produces premium Merino wool product from their own fleece.

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Family Ties

In this edition of our ‘The Source’ series, meet city girl Laura who swapped the bright lights of Brisbane for the clean country air, where she fell in love in more ways than one.

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Tasmania's Last Frontier

In this edition of our 'The Source' series, journey to a remote part of Tasmania and discover the passion and knowledge of two Australian superfine Merino woolgrowers.

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Beyond The Bale - New Issue Out Now

From farm to fashion, the latest issue reports on initiatives to increase the on-farm profitability of Australian woolgrowers and increase the demand for Australian wool.

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Fertility drives profitability

The selection of the most fertile ewes and a focus on their condition and nutrition has resulted in high lambing and weaning rates for woolgrower Alan Williams from Forbes in NSW.

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What the top farmers do well

Everyone wants to make their farm more profitable. Is there something you can learn from the ‘better’ operators in the business? Read on for some useful insights from Victoria.

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New Wild Dog Coordinator for WA

An AWI-funded wild dog coordinator has been appointed to help reduce dog predation in sheep producing areas of Western Australia.

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Lambing Density Project

A new research initiative is set to break new ground for sheep husbandry in a bid to further lift lamb survival and improve weaning rates.

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Merino Lifetime Productivity Project

This project will collect data and examine lifetime productivity on progeny that result from Merino Sire Evaluation trials across Australia.

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Wool Selling Systems Review

AWI has released the Review Panel's Final Report. The Panel has examined the potential options to improve the efficiency of the wool selling systems and in turn woolgrower profitability

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Shearer and wool handler training videos

View 200 short videos produced by AWI to promote better techniques and improve clip preparation practices in the industry.

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Market Intelligence

Sale date 19/05/2016
AWEX EMI 1291 +4
17 1570 +2
18 1545 -2
19 1502 -2
20 1432 +1
21 1402 -6
22 1382 +1
23 1360 +4
28 808 +13
32 593 -5
Mer Card 1089 +12
Source: AWEX
AWEX - EMI monthly average
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